Who is Insync-US

Whether by good fortune or fate, two companies from completely different parts of the world found each other, and partnered together to launch Insync-US, the only North American distributor of Insync Shop Fittings.

One partner is an American manufacturing company that has been providing retail store fixtures, custom POP displays, custom display cases, custom millwork, boutique fixtures and displays, and many other types of retail merchandising solutions for more than 26 years. Their success has been largely due to Leo Galey III, who keeps a sharp focus on customer service, and has a relentless determination to live up to their promises. Deadlines, budgets, and customer expectations are his team's ultimate goals, and the reason they come to work everyday. They do what they say, and provide standard and custom retail solutions that keep their customers coming back for many years.

Halfway around the globe, the other partner is a shop fittings company who delivers their own brand of success. Huzefa Merchant, a true visionary, has found a niche in international markets, providing merchandising solutions that stretch the boundaries of how to deliver an engaging shopping experience. His company studies consumer trends, and human behavior, to understand what motivates shoppers to take action. These findings, combined with retailer needs, is packaged and delivered through cutting edge technology, offering merchandising solutions that resonate with shoppers and encourage increased sales.

Two partners, together, helping to reimagine the future of retail.

How We're Reimagining Retail

Insync-US is a unique merchandising solutions provider addressing challenges retailers and brand marketers face in the rapidly evolving retail industry. Our entire team provides visionary thinking, practical application, value-engineered and consistent manufacturing, and dependable delivery, that help customers evolve their business model to more effectively engage retail shoppers at a much deeper level, and empower the future of retail.

Our Audiences

We work with many types of businesses to help them get set up for success with new store openings, remodels, new category launches, Pop-up store strategies, and more.

Our many types of customers include:

  • Regional and national retail chains
  • Pop-up stores
  • Consumer packaged goods companies looking for custom built fixtures in a retail setting
  • Architects and designers of retail, hospitality, and entertainment facilities
  • Shared space developers
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms looking to bring on-line retailers to brick and mortar spaces, perhaps, initially, with Pop-up stores that are really one of our key specialties.

Inspiring New Solutions

Insync-US offers full-service solutions to store planning, store design and visual merchandising teams throughout the United States. Whether we value engineer your store fixtures and POP display ideas, or custom design and manufacture new and unique branded retail fixtures, our in-house design team will place great emphasis on creating innovative merchandising solutions rooted in practicality.

In addition, as the only North American partner of INSYNC Shop Fittings, we are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with a full line of merchandising solutions designed to seamlessly integrate physical and digital retail (Phygital) into smart shops that are in sync with today's smarter shoppers.

Unmatched Customer Service

Very few companies, if any, are as focused on customer service as much as we are, from actually answering phones when they ring, to handling problems, if and when they occur. The Insync-US team is accessible, attentive, friendly, and committed to cultivating long-term relationships with all of our customers.


City Icon Award for Excellence in Manufacturing- Retail Fixtures
Best Shop Fittings
Young Achiever of the Year Award
Young Achiever of the Year
Most Innovative Retail Solution Award
Most Innovative Retail Solution
MSME Award

Best MSME for Quality Excellence