Engage Fit N Light


Engage Inlay is an electrified track designed to be inlayed (recessed) into metal frames, wooden or decorative panels. The low profile standard is designed to blend seamlessly into a variety of substrates.
Engage Fit N Light

Fit N Light

Shelves and merchandise supports are embedded with LED lights to illuminate merchandise on display. Each can be moved easily by visual merchandisers to quickly accommodate new planograms.


Engage Inlay aluminium tracks carry a low voltage DC current through insulated conductor strips which allows a wide range of purpose-built illuminated merchandise supports, backlit signage, digital screens and IoT enabled SMART Assistant anywhere along its vertical axis.

Digital Displays

Purpose-built touch screens and digital displays that draw power from the engage electrified tracks allow retailers and marketers to place captivating visuals and video feeds in line with the merchandise for maximum impact delivering the right message at the right place.

Engage Fit N Light Accesories